Artist bio

The only clear memories I have of my childhood are found in photographs. The rest are at best faded and blurred, and at worst gone forever. I grew up in Germany as an only child and now have three children of my own.

I have been fascinated by photography from the moment I first watched a Polaroid develop like magic before my eyes.

I photograph family relationships and the impact of early experiences on our lives. 

Whenever I need my space, I retreat behind my camera.

I still collect old pictures of my family and of strangers and imagine the lives of those depicted. 


I mentor emerging documentary family photographers and teach several mentoring programs. My photographs have received awards from Documentary Family Awards, Lensculture, and This is Reportage Family, among others. I am a member of DFP documentary family photographers and co-founder of DFF dokumentarische Familienfotografen. 


Kontakt / Tel.: +49 (0) 9126 289 36 56

Neunhofer Str. 3, 90542 Eckental