father figures

Father figures is an ongoing project about women who experienced the lack or loss of their father during childhood, be it because of death, divorce, never getting to know him or him being physically present but mentally absent and the impact this lack/ loss had and still has on the lives of the women. In this project I explore my own story of fatherlessness and the stories of many others through analog and digital collage with old pictures, documents and whatever the women are willing to send me. 

father figures julia-1.jpg

Julia spent her childhood as an only child with her single mother. She met her father very rarely throughout her childhood and had no relationship to him at all. Her father died a few years ago and all that's left of him is a single passport photo he once sent her.


Karolinas father was an adventurer, who got lost in the Himalaya when she was a young child. After a few weeks of uncertainty and waning hopes, his corps was found dead in his tent. He left behind his wife and three little daughters. The photo of her father standing in the desert turning his back on the viewer is Karolinas favorite photo of him.

paare 1.jpg

Barbaras parents divorced, when she was a young child. Her mother left her father on her 3rd birthday. Since then she met her father very rarely. She remembers only two or three occasions. He died, when she was in her early twenties, which left her behind without having had the chance to get to know him better.